Saturday, September 19, 2015

And From Whence Doeth They Come?

Je suis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, "my heart is like wax, it is melted into the midst of my bowels," JCON, People of The Cross, Voice.Fellowship Of The Martyrs, Apb, The RAM,

And From Whence Doeth They Come?

     Through especially the recent migrant problem we’re beginning to see for the final time why it is the world need Jesus, having such an affinity for people.  Justly as so having the heart of God and thus such an empathy for people, my Blessed Hope in all of this is that in which should be; well, actually what is mankind’s One Hope of Salvation and Restoration, Christ Jesus, Thus this end time Apostle/Prophet see this migrate problem as the beginning of the end of what John the Beloved testified of seeing.  That’s when he was made to see a horde of migrates. described by him as being those of every nation, kingdom, tribe, tongue and people. Amazingly, just this vast number which could not be numbered having come out of great tribulation, now standing before the Throne of God and the Lamb.
     Marvelously they were those having had their robes (gray, sin robes) washed and made white by the Blood of the Lamb, remember fifty shades of gray, (sin, death eternal ) one shade of white, Christ blood, (life eternal). Lord thou knowest, who are they John the Beloved asked of Holy Spirits unveiling these miraculous things to him, and from whence doeth they come? Doing a dream years passed I was made to come from out of a tent, an African male had awaken me and brought me for see, what I saw was a horde of refugees and they were pouring into, onto an African shore having ran from America, from Western Civilization this mass exodus for their lives, literally again, for their lives
     Alex Jones in one of his recent radio broadcast in a virtual, well, while sounding as one emotionally intoxicated he reminded the people how the war they’re in and the battle they fight can only be won with or through Jesus as Christ, Lord, Savior and Head and yes he mention Jesus Christ by name and description. Equally, that he’d went down on his knees the night before, confessing such divine truth toward this Divine Throne of God itself, sealing himself and his house to the Throne of God.  I don’t know how sincere Alex Jones was, but this I do know, if there ever was a time on this planet mankind as an entire need to return to the God of their creation and only by Christ Jesus’ Cross their recreation it is at this very second.
     There are those who say God by His wrath may turn again, save America, no, America like evil nations gone before is at a point of no return, it must decease. The Intrepid Dream time table wasn’t about giving America, the Free World additional time, but just a space of timely fulfillment  that in the midst of it may be used for ones repentance of earth and heaven shattering  abominations, now here this Apostle. The Holy Spirit admonished us by the way of the early church how there was a time seemingly God winked at our transgressions, though this would only be until the woman seed is fulfilled. Then the world over, now unto the hearts and minds over, that whether mankind repent or not, they have been witnessed upon of Christ’s Cross. That here God is justified, even at the pouring out of his wrath, of a wine press the measure of which is said will be a river of blood. some 180 miles. Remember from whence thou art fallen, return and repent and do the first works, JCON, (see Rom. 12:1, 2).
     Truly are we so amazed at the so labored migrate problem? This has been happening for decades now, even more so since Bush and America, the West War on the so called axis of evil. These holocaust makers I like to call them have never gotten this right, the human problem, now what make them think Bush, Clinton, and now Hussein Obama. that it was all going to be so different under either of them. The only way to resolve a human problem is to lay self and all self righteousness aside, all greed and the getting and gaining of wealth and celebrity, the very cornerstone and bloody building block of the American Dream, whose to help mankind? That even one of Bush’s war strategy for this nation while their loved ones were being tortured and killed was that they go and shop, that they shop it all out, with Holy Spirits joining in this human parody awarding them all this 11 O’clock shopping lunch hour, 2003, in other words America can’t or could have never saved the world unless it, an insurmountable blood guiltiness itself, instead of killing the world to save itself, died for the world,

     So it stand to reason that the mass majority of pain, sorrows, anguish and horror suffered on this planet; just this great whore of sexual perversion, of fornication, premarital sex, adultery, lesbianism, homosexuality, pedophiles, etc., just what to God are unforeseen abominations now in pandemic proportion is all that America thrive.  This is why Jesus looked at the disciples that day, and He explained, how GREATER LOVE hath no man than this, that a man would lay down His Life for a friend, TRUE LOVE is to deny oneself, you can’t find it, have it or thrive in it, unless you’re willing to put away oneself.
     Thus all the charity giving in the world, billions upon billions was never enough, could never, ever be enough  especially once Jesus took three fish and five loaves of bread and feed  the multitude because a pleased by Him God, gave the increase, God will not bless sin (the flesh), Therefore if any man come after this Christ Lord for to do like this Christ Lord, let him first deny himself, (DIE),pick up his cross (DIE) and then come. follow (DIE), ye must be born again. There’s only one name given under heaven by which mankind can be a Blessed Hope one to another and that Name is Christ Jesus the Lord. Awake O Sword Against My Anointed, Let My People Go! The Marriage Supper of the Lamb hath made Itself Ready, The Spirit and Bride Saith Come! JCON, Apb, The RAM,

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Confusion, Without A Righteous Head

Thus saith the Lord God, give to His Apostle and Try Him, His Riches and Glory give at to 

Envy, Jealousy, Strife, Confusion (to be without a righteous head, Jesus), and Every Evil Work

     -This mental illness as you say, has a name, Satan's Seat, with alias like America, The Free World, or simply Freedom Of Choice, Will. Elohim explained to Adam/Eve the moment they partook of the forbidden tree they would surely die because free will or not, they wouldn't be a match for the Great Serpent, Satan. 
     -This historic forewarning proved to be actual only seconds after Eve had only a mild conversation with this Great Evil, within that short time period all humankind was cursed unto a death penalty, ALL!. The moment people realize this, and the more the illegitimacy of this nation, this great abomination giving into abominations crumbles and unveil itself for the lying, murdering whore, the holocaust maker it truly is. 
     -Evidently the more people are going to be overcome by the sure madness of the simple reality ALL Have Sinned and Fallen Short Of The Glory of God. That except they repent, they, and all they survey, as all things on this planet perish with it having with one exception, the Authentic Blood Redeemer, Restorer, mankind's single hope of original mental health (help), Jesus. 
     -Thus and therefore renewing their hearts and mind back unto their Creator God He that labor otherwise labor themselves insane. Governor Pilate asked Jesus, what is truth? For all eternity past and future this is TRUTH, Ye Must Be Born Again! Handle with caution, for most driven to such madness (violence, sexual promiscuity, drugs and alcohol addition, even mass assembly) were all those who simply couldn't handle this Truth! AWAKE! Light Hath Come, JCON, Apb, The RAM,,

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Hurt, The Blood, The Throne Of God

Give at to and try God, His Riches and Glory

Je suis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, "you will hurt, you will bleed but soon you will be in paradise with Jesus," voice of the martyrs, parents teaching their children how to die in Christ, Apb,,

Truly An End As Prophesied Hath Come!

    -Now the world see, what I've been seeing come for the last nearly thirty years and have spent just as much time online forewarning them all about. So is this the cataclysmic phenomenon I witness happen to America, the Free World in it's entirety from Dec. 2001 to Oct 2017? No, what I instead witness happen, happen abruptly, in totality with millions dead and dying and Westernize Civilization was no more, on to Daniel's final weeks of years and the Antichrist reign, (see Daniel 9-12, Rev. 13, 14, to 17, 18th chapters). Apparently this was the Angel Gabriel's urgency toward us, His appearing to us, May 2005, see
     -Now if it's to end US, as in us in only a few more months we're talking one of three things, a Yellowstone Super Volcano Disaster, a Master solar flare/EMP or an NEO/E.L.E. ah, lest I forget snatching the Church bride out (the jest of God's unmerited Grace), would be just as devastating to this planet. That's with not one apology from God, a silence in heaven unto many tears yes, as Elohim is longsuffering toward us not willing that any perish. Though it's simply Westernize Civilization like all evil formations and nations prior reaping the insurmountable blood guiltiness it has sown for as long as it has existed. Awake O Sword Against My Anointed, Let My People Go! The marriage Supper Of The Lamb, Hath Made Itself Ready! Repent, Apb, The RAM,

Sunday, August 23, 2015

And This Shall Be the End

Je suis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, "you're going to die, you might as well die for Christ," voice of the martyrs, "he that save (waiste) his life (Soul) shall lose it, he that lose his life (Soul) for My Sake, shall gain it forever more," JCON, Apb,

Prophecy Links

A Voice Declaring: "Mark 17 and 7, the fulfillment of all things on the map, 2003
A Voice Declaring: "Do they know, do their children know; that although they grew up in free territory, that although you, their parent grew up in free territory, that their children will grow up in occupied territory, in an occupied America? 2011

For The Time Is At Hand

     -If you guys haven't read Daniel the 5th chapter regarding the hand writing on the wall, which spelled King Nechadnezzar's Grandson, Belshazzar righteous judgment, doom and death it's very night by the Medes and Persians (see present day Iran, Iraq, Syria, The Middle East, Islam), then this end time Apostle admonishes you to.
    -This nation, and thus this world rule, westernize civilization received a similar judgment and proposed cataclysmic end December 25th 2001, (see, see also Rev. 17, 18th chapters). Remarkably, the only difference at present said judgment wouldn't be fulfilled for 190 months, 15.10 years, Oct. 2017.
-That after it's proposed fulfillment by a master-disaster it was followed by both a pale horse type judgment, as so an Islamic or Middle Eastern world rule. Need this Apostle/Prophet remind you? These are the same Holy Spirits who in 2003 predicted a Hussein White House, world rule, (see Barack Hussein Obama), with a two weeks and seven year duration.
     -Those still who the first of this year gave me dreams, visions and visitations to heaven regarding both the rock made without hands being released by the Bride as the Antichrist murderer, (See Dan. 2nd Chapter). All with the Heavenly Host writing, reassuring us and I quote "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way," (See I Thess, 4:15-18, I Cor. 15:51-58,) AWAKE! Beware, Apb, The RAM,

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Angels, Lazarus and Abraham's Bosom,

     You who are blessed by Apostle’s work, have you given financially to it? Give that your joy and gladness may be authentic, give at to

      Je suis (I Am), Jesus Christ, Praise you Heavenly Father, your grace be exalted throughout all the earth,  you amaze us and we lift up thy Holy Name that everything which hath breath shall praise you on high.  Praise Him on high ye mountain tops, rivers and lands and all  the inhabitants therein. Make a joyful noise unto this Prince Lord without ceasing, Bless His Holy Name, Amen


      -O Lord, thou hast searched me and known me, thou knowest mine downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thoughts afar off. Thou compasseth my path and mine lying down and art acquainted with all my ways, for there is not a word in my tongue O Lord, but thou knowest it all together.  Thou hast beset me behind and before and hast laid thine hands upon me.
     -if I ascend into heaven thou art there, If I make my bed in hell behold thou art there, if I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost part of the sea, even there will thy hand lead me and thy right hand shall hold, if I say surely the darkness shall cover me, the light shall be about me, yeah darkness hideth not from thee, but darkness and light are both alike unto thee. See Psalm 139,

Prophecy Link

 -Seen to seeing the rise of the anti-Christ, as so a play on, with a large meteor like rock when a voice declare: This is the anti-Christ (NWO, Elite, Wealth Of The Wicked), murderer, the compete destruction of King Nebuchadnezzar's Image of emerging nations by a stone cut out without hands falling from heaven on the map, Dan. 2:3-49 02/14/2015

-Seen To Be In A Dream were I receive text message, after text message, after many alike messages stating the same thing, “Jesus is coming, Jesus is on his way!” 02/19/2015

 He That Is Sin, Let Him Be Sin!                                                                                    03/18/2015

      Four of the most extraordinary dreams of prophecy ever given this end-time apostle were all regarding mass assembly and God displeasure to being heartily remorseful. I want to share them because Satan’s seat (false assembly) make certain God’s people see God with a single blurriness that God is love, which is true. He’s also judgment with the one Christ Lord most darling fore-warning how sinners will be cast into a lake burning with fire and brimstone. How unthinkably sad, even heartbreaking that most people who’ve died on this planet are in hell, I know most can’t see this. That a mass majority refuse to hear it, as so a large number will unfriend me, even Christ's Gospel Truth violently so, because it tells them this one truth. Only none of these bouts of delusions will make it any less so, the mass majority of God’s people are either in hell or hell bound.

     Amazingly one of the first of these prophecies happen late eighties while I was grooming myself in a mirror, I never considered it until now, but it is the Apostle Paul who described how we, mankind look through a mirror darkly, this is to mean the reflection is somewhat distorted. Miraculously the mirror itself took on a vision, I was soon shown the throne of God, that it plainly had its back turn to the church, (see mass assembly, choirs, tithes and offerings). I know this because just as soon I  heard a voice which declared and I quote, “God has turn His Back on the church.” Of course Present day said reflection and thus rebellion against God has matured into that of a body snatcher manner of Asian Invasion, as by a dream looking at myself in said mirror a month or so passed 2015, I was myself but did I have the look of a young Asian Male, (see Asian Invasion, 1996).

     The second forewarning in the form of a dream was to look upon a church that was burning and mighty with flames, I saw that the smoke of its burning rose up to God weeping and mourning. Just as soon I heard a voice declared, “behold it is the church, it has been cast down and literally destroyed, but the foundation haven’t been destroyed."  Again, "but the foundation haven't been destroyed, the one laid by Christ and His Holy Apostles, and this dream passed from me. You’re to be reminded Holy Scripture forewarn how everything worthless built upon Christ foundation will be tried by fire and every worthless work consumed therein, truly God is not mocked, corruption sown is that also reaped, beware!

     Now thirdly and even more prevailing, unlike the second demonstration this wasn’t a dream, I was kneeling in my closet of prayer. Doing this special time is where I’d become accustomed to Holy Spirit performing themselves extraordinarily, even transforming me when to realize there was nothing but silence. Nothing but a total and utter stillness that was in heaven, the Apostle John doing the Revelations of Jesus Christ, the end of the sixth seal, the beginning of the seventh seal describes a silence in heaven.  One he explained lasting about half an hour, this being such the surreal experience, God is longsuffering toward us, one is to realize, heaven is never silent. 

     Just as soon I began to hear weeping and wailing, I begin to realize God was crying, that He was weeping uncontrollably, realizing He was crying, I too begin to cry, I too began to weep uncontrollably. Then I soon I heard Him say, cry, “my people are dying and they’re being stripped of everything my Christ has brought them.” I never considered it, but this is a switch, instead of horrible cries going up to God, even the brazen alter, they were instead coming down from this Holy One of Israel, even His Own, again He lament, “my people are dying, dying and they’re being stripped of everything my Christ has brought them," then He resounded the solution, even the judgment, “behold I will strip their leaders.”

     Immediately I considered apostate spiritual leaders by the hundreds of thousands, millions through the earth, though this Supreme Holy one was referring to all persons. That’s people of all walks having any manner of leadership position over his very impressionable people. For an example, I glanced passed this talk show once, this talk show host and a celebrity guess affecting hundreds of thousands of people who I witness encouraging married women into adultery. It was as though a little unfaithfulness is good for the soul and thus the marriage, yeah if you want to wake up in hell for an eternity. We’re not born simply a death bed, this curse of death carry with it, within ones bloodline so there’s no blaming of others a penalty of judgment and hell. The woman seed, Jesus died to payoff this sin/blood debt but only as the original sin debt is forfeited by cursed man through true, heartfelt, soul penitence to God the Father, ONLY!!!!.

     Although this end time Apostle could go on and on with such the like experiences there is yet one other, one I’d seemingly stored away until a certain event brought it back to my remembrance.  Doing this blessed episode It was as though I was mingling about heaven, like doing a dinner party or such the like and an angel approached me and said “he want to see you and I said who? And he said, Him,” when just as soon I found myself before an illumination like in brightness of the sun which spoke to say “Let My People Go!” Ah my Christ whose about to reign on the earth, suddenly to be reminded of the Hebrews being delivered from Egyptian enslavement by a bloody Lamb and Moses’ staff, all of which foreshadowed Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of this law of righteousness having become as blood sacrifice, a deliverer to all who will believe.

     Thus what This Holy Lord was making reference to here was all in reference of Jesus being born under the law to redeem mankind all born under or enslaved to the law. Right here being reminded, it’s the woman I witnessed being bond hand and feet by other bond women, and crying my name for help. This was all behind this inconceivable manner of pulpit, preachers preaching and mass assembly, the Holy Spirit with me, did He declare how the wrestling, tussling, lamenting woman overall infirmity was her eyes, that something was wrong with eyes. Thus the reason Jesus spent most of his ministry worrying the wicked religious leaders with and by the very righteousness they falsely and violently regarded as life immortal life.

     Of course apostate and abominable they were nothing other than the regulations and formations of evil spirits and just as corrupt men, again a curse of death, damnation and hell posing as divine revelation (see the American Dream), this is how much trouble unrepentant people are continuously in. So much so all street outreach preaching Jesus saves, repent or perish need to be rerouted to where millions of people like the women in that dream are being held down, back and inside mass assembly. Unbearably this present day Egyptian system of Satanic to demonic oppression even possession. Come out of them my people and be not partakers of their sins, and receive not of their plague, this contagious, viral manner of ungodliness and perversion, the Spirit and the Bride say Come, Out!

     Let he that is unholy be unholy still, so say the revelations of Jesus Christ, even more frightening this very scripture is proof a time will come when God will halt as to abandon the seeming hopeless pursuit of convincing the rebellious to convert. That this end time Apostle believe such an hour couldn’t be more actual than those ticking toward biblical fulfillment at present, the ultimate act of this Holy Lord which will be to remove the righteous church bride off the planet as an entire. I’ll give you India for an example, right now it’s leaders has brought forth a plan and a campaign as concerning as it may seem, but they’re working toward a Christian free nation, again, that’s nation.

    They’re to ban all Christians from its lands and they are dangerously serious, now imagine God after warning them for so long actually assisting Indian leaders with this effort.  That He’s to all the more allow the persecution and the martyrdom of true Christianity all to by the Saints ultimate sacrifice bring them home to Christ Jesus bosom. Just as so to award the wicked with what it believe it must have, a pagan god, manner of apostate worship, most damaging and damning. This stark reality as an additional quote from Revelation laments “let he that is filthy (ungodly) be filthy still,” I’ve noticed what I will refer to as a changeover, not that people are dropping dead for ungodliness sake, but for the sake of godliness, that they’re to be strategically moved out of the way of the rebellious at heart, soul and carnal association most determined.

     Just consider Ananias and Sapphire, doing the Acts Of The Apostles they were a couple accused of lying to the Holy Spirit and were killed instantly for unrighteous sake. That right now, there are people who instead for the sake of their righteousness are being abruptly moved out of the way allowing a prevailing movement toward anti-Christ. Just think Ezekiel whom God forewarn was being sent to a people who wouldn’t listen, whose judgment had been set, wife was taken from him not that he or she had sinned but for his righteousness sake, that the nation they were to turn to God and rebelled were to suffer this heinous lost. The lesson supposedly learn? A  wrath of God so daunting there are righteous ministers which are being moved out of the way of the rebellious,  that as a punishment from God, they’re being taken from those whose sins are so incorrigible as to totally and utterly refuse, to the point of mockery, God’s ordain Christ, Jesus and thus God’s Will for mankind.

     Of course now you no longer have to wonder about people who were in seeming very fertile ministries and prophecies of Christ, preaching the gospel to the poor. As so healing the broken hearted, preaching deliverance to the captives and the recovering of sight to the blind and suddenly they’re gone, dead and there was no comprehensive reason, other than God’s sufficient Grace. Apparently, this is where the living word hath declared that such a one, a house having rejected the gospel, this good news, the laborer at kicking off this dusty rejection of his feet, isn’t to even award such the one Godspeed. Christ Cross redemption has been promised Eve’s lineage since the first fall and here it is thousands of years beyond its fulfillment and all the more by a rebellion most lethal (The American Dream), all the more the ant-Christ reign.

     It’s all to make you wonder just what did Paul mean when he declared, how a time hath come where God will no longer wink at man’s ignorance regarding righteousness, but commands all men everywhere to be saved. Repent! Knowing the prophet Ezekiel heart of trust and obedience it was the people of Judah described as being more at one with their sins than the leopard and its spots. Those who were to learn the greatest lesson here, how it would feel to lose the darling of your heart, mind and soul, of your passionate continuality. For the people of Judah, it was to lose the Holy Land, Israel, presently, for an entire free world of hundreds of millions at present it would be to lose America, even the American Dream. If this prevailing truth is so immensely apparent to this Apostle, just think how apparent it is to Holy Spirits, not the elite, but for so many the thought to be obsolete. 

     I will end this post regarding Jesus parable of Lazarus the poor man, righteous man, beggar no doubt thought by many the pathetic one, (read here Lk. 16:19-31). That verses the rich man, unrighteous man, celebrity, truly thought the wise one, even by many the elite, after the righteous beggar spend his days covered in sores, asking alms of the unrighteous rich man’s table, even the crumbs. This rich man instead spend his days doing what rich men do, building better, greater storehouses (Banks) the both of them died, the righteous beggar taken by angels to Abraham, the Patriarch Father of world nations, now ascended to glory, right into his safe, sweet bosom, paradise, Lazarus now the fulfillment of the woman’s seed as well ascended on high. The corrupt rich man, completely distracted of his riches, even convinced to a certain point that wealth justified his wicked heart, regardless of his wealth now in a peril unspeakable.

     Heartbreakingly, it’s no different than millions living particularly in the free world, with millions at an attempt and dreams thinking America, one of the world’s most proficient holocaust maker is somehow like Judah of Ezekiel’s day regardless of unthinkable abominations it always seem to find favor with God.  Of course no longer having wealth as this safeguard the rich man find himself in the worse manner of reality, of wakeup call ever to imagine, one millions annually like himself are unable to wake up from. Now the one asking alms, even that his tortuous soul be comforted, truly has the tables of life, even immortality like on a dime, turn, that once he realize this is his ill- gotten fate, the worship of gain for godliness. Now the one in desperate need he ask one thing of Abraham’s bosom, that his loved ones be forewarn, that someone be sent, as not to find themselves equally for an eternity cursed to hell.

     Supposed just as political, to military, to religious leaders justify speaking for America, here we have America herself, now like this rich man condemned, having nothing to lose. That she's telling you,  she is not what you think she is, a formation of Satan’s Seat, how she never has been. That she, a lying, murdering, whore is more a religious zealot living to die, than a Holy Potentate, dying to live.   Of course this sore confession is the overall, underlining purpose of the Grace of God, Cross of Jesus Christ, that none perish but all come to the saving knowledge of God’s Perfect Will for mankind, their own Sacrificial Cross by which to worship God, Jesus Christ. 
     That if especially the inherits of the free world don’t wake up and realize this truth a detriment and a doom await hundreds of millions of persons obscurely speeding head on toward this fiery abyss of no return.  Catapulting those who by the Holy Spirit have been brought to the regions of the damn, those knowing without a doubt such a place of inconceivable horrors lay in wait for the unrepentant. The soul that sin, that perish having never lost its heart to Jesus Christ, fallen mankind’s single blood redemption, this Jesus mankind crucified and God three days later rose again to life. That as we enter into His suffering, his death and dying, do we as well enter into His resurrection unto immortal Life, AWAKE, Beware, Apb, The RAM.,



Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Stone Cut Out Without Hands

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      -Je suis (I Am) Jesus Christ, "If I do this [evangelism ministry], it's good. If I die, that's good too. I will be with the Lord!" ~Gospel worker in India, voice of the martyrs …just imagine, plainly, if it doesn’t cause you pain and blood at gloriously renewing the heart and soul, this anxious outreach to the lost, then it’s not of Jesus’s Christ, as we are the church of the Martyrs.” Remember, Return, REPENT!!!,


     O Lord, thou hast searched me and known me, thou knowest mine downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thoughts afar off. Thou compasseth my path and my lying down and art acquainted with all my ways, for there is not a word in my tongue O Lord, but thou knowest it all together.  Thou hast beset me behind and before and laid thine hands upon me. if I ascend into heaven thou art there, If I make my bed in hell behold thou art there, if I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost part of the sea, even there will thy hand lead me and thy right hand shall hold, if I say surely the darkness shall cover me, the light shall be about me, yeah darkness hideth not from thee, but darkness and light are both alike unto thee. See Psalm 139,

Prophecy Link

-Seen to seeing the rise of the anti-Christ, as so a play on, with a large meteor like rock when a voice declare: This is the anti-Christ (NWO, Elite, Wealth Of The Wicked), murderer, the compete destruction of King Nebuchadnezzar's Image of emerging nations by a stone cut out without hands falling from heaven on the map, Dan. 2:3-49 02/14/2015                                                                      
-Seen To Be In A Dream were I receive text message, after text message, after many alike messages stating the same thing, “Jesus is coming, Jesus is on his way!” 02/19/2015

Death Threat to OKC Senator Silk

      The LGBT activists have shown time and time again that they want to persecute, trample on people’s rights, and take people’s businesses if for any reason their behavior and choices are not agreed with. My family and I, like many others before, are testimonies to their hate, intolerance, and forceful nature of this movement. The sad thing is, no one is attacking their behavior. They have the right to be gay…but if you disagree with them, they will do everything in their power to ruin your life. SILK…

 A Stone Cut Out Without Hands                                                                              03/11/2015

      So, where is the P for pedophilers, or F for fornicators, choosing this life style is no different than choosing to worship Satan over God, than choosing the god of this world, over the God of heaven, creation and earth. Then of course there is no way you can expect Satan to be human being, he is a monster and all who worship him, especially knowingly are monsters as well, monsters in human disguises.  Of course not just human disguises, normally functioning humans, but that’s insensible seeing there’s nothing Holy Spirit about the American Dream either, all the more this Holocaust Maker in Sheep’s clothing, genocidal.

     I’m commenting here because I want to share how I was in a region of heaven a few weeks ago, those who’ve read behind this end time Apostle know, there is nothing truly this oddity about this.  Just remember where Jesus explained to the disciples, how they’d not chosen Him, but He them, that because of this truth they would be used in a way most particular, even dying horribly for their faith of the Gospel Truth, Jesus Is Lord. I’d just been in dreams regarding the anti-Christ rise and reign on the earth, how all mankind was being overcome by him, then as though such things were fast forwarded, and I was in a region of heaven.

     Now as I’ve pointed out, there cannot be an anti-Christ reign until the resurrection of the Righteous Dead is fulfilled which will at this extraordinary event remove the now existing church bride, blood washed from the planet unto the future Tribulation Saints.  I was in a place in heaven, I was sitting, an elbow to my knee, hand to my chin as one bored and I was playing with this rock which surface was that of a meteor. Back and forward I rolled it when just as suddenly I let it go, fall, descend prophetically toward the earth that when I did I heard a voice say and I quote, “this is the anti-Christ murderer,” and the dream, vision passed from me.

    If you don’t know the word or prophecies of God, then you have no ideal of the significance of this rock, this stone from heaven and that the bride was in the position she was in. You have to go back to the prophet Daniel, 4th chapter, he and all spiritual persons, holy and pagan are being threaten to be put to death horribly if they cannot reveal and thus interpret a certain dream of the King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar. Of course the prophet Daniel, assisted by Holy Spirits is the only one who can reveal the dream as though he dreamed it himself and can as well interpret it, as though He is God himself. The dream in urgent question details the awful doom not only of Nebuchadnezzar's Kingdom, but all future kingdoms and nation building to come. Even that like mankind is given over to a curse of death, judgment and hell, this satanic to demonic to political manner of falling into the hands of nation building and turf wars is only a more elaborate rendition of this jinx of death and judgment.

     Just as so, it is a prophecy in which will see to their doom by a stone seen mysteriously cut out without hands falling from heaven that’s to crush all nation building into oblivion along a divine reign without end instead by this mysterious unman stone, (See Jesus’ Millennium Reign). I can see Jesus standing atop Mount Zion crying aloud, sparing not to all great and small, bond and free, male and female, repent ye, the Ancient of Days reign.  As so placing the position and enactment of this stone’s arrival in the hands of the bride is one more proof of heaven’s throne placing her in paradise doing these greatest of the earth’s trials. That she by Christ’s Cross is found worthy of her faithfulness right at present to escape, a promise crying aloud only days ago, even while those 21 Egyptian males were being martyred for their faith of Christ Jesus,  did said message descry, Jesus is coming, Jesus is on His Way!

     It’s actually what I looked in a dream years passed and witnessed happen to the White House of America after nation building had been completely abolished. That something phenomenally divine completely consumed it, a spirituous invasion that will be realized in America, regarding the entire free world by Oct. 2017.  The intrepid dream time table, America’s form of hand writing on the wall, where it will like an Ancient Babylon see King Belshazzar Dan. 5th chapter, fall into the hands of present-day Medes and Persians.  Thus if you’re an American, and you’re not planning for this beyond cataclysmic event any day now, you know especially being soul ready, (personally see Jesus Christ). Your flesh doom from birth you must be born again, again Christ’s Cross, blood alone washes away all sin, that you may stand Holy and blameless before the throne of God, Jesus.

     With all specialarity this prophetic dream is to remind us that with every second which tick off the clock the fulfillment of all end time prophecy is being realized. That as an appearing Angel Gabriel forewarn 2004, we are that generation proposed unto the sounding of the seventh angel whether you allow yourself to believe it or experience it or not. That as assuredly as Noah’s flood came just as a sorrowful God promised, coming, pending, nearing are such the like earth altering catastrophes like a Yellowstone Eruption, A Super EMP’s, Asteroid 2015 and this pending nuclear war, WWIII/ Armageddon.  Honestly it is the end of all things as we know it, but only that the world and mankind Elohim hath made abide anew unto infinite glory, AWAKE! That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you, as to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, JCON, Apb, the RAM…

   For they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, Eze. 8:12

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Horse And Rider Trampled Under His Feet

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-Je suis (I Am) Jesus Christ, "If I do this [evangelism ministry], it's good. If I die, that's good too. I will be with the Lord!" ~Gospel worker in India, voice of the martyrs …just imagine, plainly, if it doesn’t cause you pain and blood at gloriously renewing the heart and soul, this anxious outreach to the lost, then it’s not of Jesus’s Christ, as we are the church of the Martyrs.” Remember, Return, REPENT!!!,

     -Behold we were shaped in iniquity and in sin did our mother conceive us. Behold thou desirest truth in the inward parts and in the hidden parts thou shalt make us to know wisdom. Cleanse us with hyssop and we shall be cleanse, wash us and we shall be whiter than snow, make us to know joy and gladness that the bones which thou has broken shall rejoice. (I am here to imagine that while I prayed from heaven toward the earth, by this unknown tongue permeating along every fiber of my blood issuing up, through, was I, for all the fallen world praying the most amazing sinner’s prayer allowed us, psalm 51). See Psalm 51,
Prophecy Links

-Seen to seeing the rise of the anti-Christ, as so a play on, with a large meteor like rock when a voice declare: This is the anti-Christ (NWO, Elite, Wealth Of The Wicked), murderer, the compete destruction of King Nebuchadnezzar's Image of emerging nations by a stone cut out without hands falling from heaven on the map, Dan. 2:3-49 02/14/2015
-Seen To Be In A Dream were I receive text message, after text message, after many alike messages stating the same thing, “Jesus is coming, Jesus is on his way!” 02/19/2015

The Lord Our God Hath Triumph Gloriously, the Horse and Rider hath He Trampled Under His Feet (see Christ's Cross), 02/28/2015

      -Earlier that morning my daughter in law broke the news to me how three people had been found dead within the Apartment complex where my youngest sister live, which for me was daunting enough.  I’d already months earlier begun like this practice prayer for people who would suffer in ways unthinkable as end times trials of this manner would be more nightmarish than any gone before.  It would be later that day while updating this story did she then explain that it was a young man by the name of T. J. my eldest granddaughter’s friend/ex-boyfriend who’d been accused of murder suicide.  When she told me this, you might as well imagine that the greatest kick boxing contender at landing me a wallop right in my belly and all I could do was crawl this heart and soul ripping loss of immense horror into my prayer closet and there cry until I couldn’t cry any more.
 -When I say I felt such the defeat, I did, momentarily it was as though I’d lost a battle I’d been fighting for nearly thirty years. Of course I hadn’t lost, no, being a Christ’s Cross heir to God’s Kingdom meant this battle was fought and won the very nano-second the Creator God. This Ancient of Days the prophet Daniel described of His pending reign above the stars of men promised Mother Eve a divine procreation of the woman’s seed alone. Even this world’s bloody/bleeding potentate, thus the blood, even the blood lineage of this Second Adam reign righteous, holy and true and completely victorious, repent ye, the Kingdom of God is nigh at hand, JCON                                                                                                                                                                                      

-Right before my grand-daughter went off and join the military, something that’s been rumored for a time,  I’d explain to her while driving how a time would come when she’s all alone and this eerie form of awareness sinks in.  That just as soon she would feel overwhelmed by this grand decision making and there have to decide for her soul, that’s whether to by Christ’s Cross obey (love, worship and serve) God, (godliness not churchians).  That's this form of righteousness Holy Spirits had assisted  her Apostle grandmother and grandfather while he lived, at practicing quite well since she’d been in the world.  Though, would she instead choose to serve the world or the things of the world, that a moment like this always come, I was in my late twenties when faced with this decision.  That, I was at this crossroad, even this fork between choosing to grow up in the things of men, or the wondrous wisdom by Christ’s Cross of God, a few weeks later was her decision made to go into the military.                            

-Just as heart ripping, that while researching this story I ran across another report of murder suicide that happen a week earlier, but instead of young people being overwhelmed to commit this heinous injustice to mankind. Even more sodden with tears, it was two elderly people, an 83 year old husband and wife, of course we know such the like acts can carry themselves as a virtual pandemic.  That’s as this outbreak at being quite contagious all with neighbors and family members describing how no one suspected a thing of the elderly couple. That even when people are to choose their own poison so to speak, even to poison others to death can this truth-looter yet present itself as this thief. This clever menace to world societies permeating the heart and mind of potential spiritual dissection. As so would this search unveil itself this even more shocking act of mayhem and horror, a young man who went on an additional shooting spree of murder suicide that would leave eight persons of various households, even his next of kin dead, including himself.    

    -Of course all I wanted at this point was to talk to my grand-daughter, was to see how the news had affected her, she’d been with T. J. and around him, his friends her last visit home a week prior. Her description of possibly what happen was completely different, describing how T. J. was a player, apparently a fire starter.  How this girl had caught him courting and bringing other females into her apartment, that if this was a lovers quarrel gone suicidal chances are it wasn’t T. J. doing the shooting but the woman who’d been scorn. That not only did she know him, she was acquainted with all the persons which were killed, this is how close and how far away this horror story was to my own household. 

     -This is the grandmother who instead of taking up what to many are defendable and defensible weapons of mass destruction, I get on my knees and take my needs, (knees) to the cross of Jesus Christ pleading no weapon formed against mine shall prosper, though this blatant insult was so crippling to my own blood spill. So much, that with said prayer sad to say enters the double standard as one praying not to be lead into temptation not realizing faith without works, blood sacrifices, (crosses sacrificed to Jesus Christ) is dead, vanity.
 -Now if those who’re pro-gun (WMD’s), want to know whose going to win this tug of war between the two being pro or con, well to be sincere, when it comes to rebellious man and any weapon of mass destruction weapons always win. Seem to me even using the word good or smart in the same sentence with testaments excusing the use of gun violence is completely tomfoolery. Again as one choosing his own contagion, (cross), it’s pretty much what Jesus was forewarning of disciple Peter, how living by the sword (violence) was he in term deciding right then and there that he would as well die by the sword (violence).  This is why the great enemy I saw target this nation was in the form of foreign prisoners and a flaming sword, sword meaning war, targeting the leaders and nations sponsoring this campaign regarding the war on the axis of evil, then President Bush, past, present and future, see even the Gulf Wars.                                                                                                                                                        
 -Will thou, at this time, destroy the entire house of Israel? This is the question asked by the Prophet Ezekiel at his witnesses of God releasing six grim reapers along a rebellious Judah Israel, commissioned further by the wrath of God to at showing no mercy were they to slay both young and old, beginning at His Sanctuary. I don’t know about other saints, they’re possibly as busy about the outreach of Christ’s Cross which will very soon become the responsibility of the Two Witnesses (see Enoch and Elijah), the Tribulation Saints, (see mass assemblers), unto the 144,000 of Specialty end-time laborers, that unlike never before of my nearly thirty year old ministry.
-Well to be clear, I’m ready that the earth be rid of all evil doing, that’s be cleanse of all those who’re possessed in their very blood of sin and incorrigible therein to be by the winepress of God dealt with soon replenishing the earth by fire anew, even the heavens itself. This end time Apostle can’t wait to see the whole world be as astonishing and spell as refreshingly spring like as the regions of Olivet was made the moment an arriving to mankind, even Jerusalem’s aid, Jesus Christ, sat His seem to be Wounded Feet thereupon, who is this King of Glory? The Lord Mighty in battle, He is this King of Glory. AWAKE, Apb, The RAM,,

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Many Shall Come!

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 Je suis Jesus Christ, "For give us O God, against thee, thee only Father have we sinned and done this evil in thy sight, we were shaped in iniquity and in sin did our mother conceive us, “ see Psalm 51,

Many Shall Come To Me In That Day Crying Lord, Lord!                                                          02/08/2015

     -Mega Churches, are what Jesus described as Satan's Seat over two thousand years ago, and just recently were there dreams of Demons regularly moving into their corrupt assembly. Then, even more recently, a vicious beast I believe representing the end time great falling away (see million man marches), stomping and chomping its way from the pulpit to the pews. This is most concerning for proceeding Obama administration was the appearance of two just as venomous beasts, one from land and the other by sea. All unto a debate of Hussein filling stations in the land and nothing again was ever the same, and now an additional alike monster appearing at the inevitability, the finality of said administration.

     -This is why Jesus now on High, first order of business was the seven letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor, five of which were already descending into apostasy. My daughter in law cousin and my eldest son both laughed recently when I said, people go to church so they don’t have to serve Jesus on His terms of self-sacrifice. The sacrifice of the wicked, King Solomon described it, which he further described as being an abomination to God. They won’t give God what He want, so they settle for what they can afford to give Him, convinced that as long as they stay faithful to insignificant assembly God will settle as well. Heartbreakingly with Gods proposed settlement crying aloud to the otherwise rebellious masses, I never you, you that worked iniquity.

     -The Death Rider of 1996, being unleased by the very earth opening to Him, was to target great Apostasy in the lives, lands and churches of the people, (see turf wars).  This bringer of mayhem, death and judgment (Hell’s Fire) is proof continually that God is not mocked (deceived by false assembly), whatsoever a man sow, that shall he reap. Again and Again and Again, this is why God wept, do you know how serious this accusation? Even that this same Jesus is pictured doing one of the seven letters knocking on the door of vast assembly, seeking an entry place, preferably the heart.

     -You must realize this same Heavenly Throne I witnessed by a horrid silence in heaven weeping, was the one thousands of years ago admonishing a weeping Apostle John to weep not behold the Lion of the tribe of Judah hath prevailed.  I’d seen God’s Throne with its back to the churches, that only upon repentance would He again visit to mend the hearts of men, for God hath made Him (Jesus), to be sin, who knew no sin, that we, mankind should be made the righteousness of God, through Him. Though with God now instead weeping is to portray, though it can’t prevail, will never, ever prevail, what we’re seeing here is the tremendous depth of the infiltration of Satanic to Demonic penetration regarding Jesus’s heel. Assuredly a great scarcity of all things regarding mankind’s treasures, especially their temporal lives, doeth much more abound. Awake, Apb, The RAM

Friday, February 6, 2015

"America, Have You Ever Fallen Before?

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Je suis (I Am) Jesus Christ, blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted, JCON, Voice of the Martyrs,


     "Forgive us O God, according to thy loving kindness, according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies, blot out our transgressions, wash us thoroughly from our iniquities and cleanse us from sin, voice of the martyrs, see Psalms 51., also see,

Prophecy Link

-A Voice Declaring: The anti-Christ is to kill millions as millions go broke, the fall of crystal skies mightily on the map 05/16/2004

-A Voice Declaring: “God said he’s going to kill millions, the judgment of God mightily on the map, 12/25/2004

-A Voice Declaring: “Tear America Up,” the judgment of America, that God Kingdom Reign, on the map, 03/03/2005

-Seen to be seeing written upon the back window of an automobile in large, bold, orange print the word, forewarning, “ESCAPE!” the urgent getting of ourselves to safety on the map, 04/09/2005

America, Have You Ever Fallen Before                                                                  02/05/2015

     -The more I listen to live, the more I hear about all the purchases of gold going on, that this is the only safe security, immediately I was reminded of a scarcity coming that will affect human life so abruptly, everything they count as treasure, including gold, silver, diamonds, all non-currency assets will be utterly worthless. I’ve seen it and when I saw it, I was heartbroken, not for myself, but for everyone believing in and trusting the American Dream, God as my witness. This was when the Holy Spirit told me whatever mankind treasure will become so worthless they won’t be able to give it away. 
     -That like Judah in Ezekiel’s day, they pitched their gold, their valuables into the street, if all things on this planet has lost it’s value, how can it then be valuable? You’re talking about millions of people who would trade millions in gold and silver for a drink of water or a bite of food, or just to see joy in their children eyes again, this people is the end of America, world, that is now upon us.
     -Clearly Alex is wrong, and that make me sad as well, the God of heaven is not assisting him with saving America, He’s the one that like a Father Abraham, has pulled him aside to warn Him how the time has come that like a Sodom and Gomorrah, only far worse, America abominations, it’s blood thirsty soil has to be dealt with according to its sin, escape!
     -Do we truly have to escape America? Yes, or suffer and endure insurmountable trials and death tolls unseen as far as America or the western world is concern. Nothing less than the grim reaper of Moses day assigned to take the lives of all first born males, though at present targeting all lives abiding on soils of the free world is now upon us. That like a scene out of the book of Ezekiel, of God calling forth those six slayers, commissioning them to massacre mercilessly both old and young, how they were to begin at His Sanctuary. Meaningfully the apostate assembly housing millions who by their hearts, their works of unrighteousness are all against the Cross of Jesus Christ.
     -The fact these instead mocked men are citing how they will not leave America is the one proof that in order to save them, to get them out, to safeguard as many lives (souls) as possible is to set aside the mightiest formation of satanic distraction ever at bringing it all to a complete waste. Please won’t you finally get this, if God allow America, nothing more than a present day Babylon (see Towel of Babel) thus a great abomination on the earth to stand or to stand much longer He would have both some explaining and apologizing to do to other evil nations He had to put away for their wicked trespasses unto the continuing saga of biblical prophecy fulfillment.
     -This can only explain why I witness recently that though the White House (America) failed, and God alone could be blamed, what emerge unto a newness of life was something extraordinarily divine. This is what scripture mean when it declares how formations of men, even supposedly good willed men. Manifestly like the ones in this video have to decrease (see John the Baptist), that God’s will for mankind. Markedly once by Satan thought to be high jacked and sabotaged to death and judgment but all the more by the Sacrosanct Blood of the Son Of David, (Mankind, Second Adam), revived. For by the first Adam all mankind die but by the second Adam shall all mankind be made alive unto immortal Life (see Christ Cross).
     -Undoubtedly, what man think is best must decease, must, only that a Holiness unfounded, immeasurable and incalculable can then abide with the Blood Redeem forever. God is not mocked, blessed only is the man whose God is Jesus Christ.  Don’t get this revelation of things that have to be wrong, God isn’t asking for your permission, but that you be forewarn that flesh and blood, even that of the well-intended cannot inherit His Kingdom. Only those washed in Christ’s blood and Glorified in all likeness (Born Again), will reign with the Ancient of Days forever. Unmistakably, rend your hearts, your flesh, your American Dreams, not your garments. Awake! Escape! He Is Bringing It All To Waste! Rev. 17, 18 Chapts. Beware, Apb, The RAM,