Saturday, September 19, 2015

And From Whence Doeth They Come?

Je suis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, "my heart is like wax, it is melted into the midst of my bowels," JCON, People of The Cross, Voice.Fellowship Of The Martyrs, Apb, The RAM,

And From Whence Doeth They Come?

     Through especially the recent migrant problem we’re beginning to see for the final time why it is the world need Jesus, having such an affinity for people.  Justly as so having the heart of God and thus such an empathy for people, my Blessed Hope in all of this is that in which should be; well, actually what is mankind’s One Hope of Salvation and Restoration, Christ Jesus, Thus this end time Apostle/Prophet see this migrate problem as the beginning of the end of what John the Beloved testified of seeing.  That’s when he was made to see a horde of migrates. described by him as being those of every nation, kingdom, tribe, tongue and people. Amazingly, just this vast number which could not be numbered having come out of great tribulation, now standing before the Throne of God and the Lamb.
     Marvelously they were those having had their robes (gray, sin robes) washed and made white by the Blood of the Lamb, remember fifty shades of gray, (sin, death eternal ) one shade of white, Christ blood, (life eternal). Lord thou knowest, who are they John the Beloved asked of Holy Spirits unveiling these miraculous things to him, and from whence doeth they come? Doing a dream years passed I was made to come from out of a tent, an African male had awaken me and brought me for see, what I saw was a horde of refugees and they were pouring into, onto an African shore having ran from America, from Western Civilization this mass exodus for their lives, literally again, for their lives
     Alex Jones in one of his recent radio broadcast in a virtual, well, while sounding as one emotionally intoxicated he reminded the people how the war they’re in and the battle they fight can only be won with or through Jesus as Christ, Lord, Savior and Head and yes he mention Jesus Christ by name and description. Equally, that he’d went down on his knees the night before, confessing such divine truth toward this Divine Throne of God itself, sealing himself and his house to the Throne of God.  I don’t know how sincere Alex Jones was, but this I do know, if there ever was a time on this planet mankind as an entire need to return to the God of their creation and only by Christ Jesus’ Cross their recreation it is at this very second.
     There are those who say God by His wrath may turn again, save America, no, America like evil nations gone before is at a point of no return, it must decease. The Intrepid Dream time table wasn’t about giving America, the Free World additional time, but just a space of timely fulfillment  that in the midst of it may be used for ones repentance of earth and heaven shattering  abominations, now here this Apostle. The Holy Spirit admonished us by the way of the early church how there was a time seemingly God winked at our transgressions, though this would only be until the woman seed is fulfilled. Then the world over, now unto the hearts and minds over, that whether mankind repent or not, they have been witnessed upon of Christ’s Cross. That here God is justified, even at the pouring out of his wrath, of a wine press the measure of which is said will be a river of blood. some 180 miles. Remember from whence thou art fallen, return and repent and do the first works, JCON, (see Rom. 12:1, 2).
     Truly are we so amazed at the so labored migrate problem? This has been happening for decades now, even more so since Bush and America, the West War on the so called axis of evil. These holocaust makers I like to call them have never gotten this right, the human problem, now what make them think Bush, Clinton, and now Hussein Obama. that it was all going to be so different under either of them. The only way to resolve a human problem is to lay self and all self righteousness aside, all greed and the getting and gaining of wealth and celebrity, the very cornerstone and bloody building block of the American Dream, whose to help mankind? That even one of Bush’s war strategy for this nation while their loved ones were being tortured and killed was that they go and shop, that they shop it all out, with Holy Spirits joining in this human parody awarding them all this 11 O’clock shopping lunch hour, 2003, in other words America can’t or could have never saved the world unless it, an insurmountable blood guiltiness itself, instead of killing the world to save itself, died for the world,

     So it stand to reason that the mass majority of pain, sorrows, anguish and horror suffered on this planet; just this great whore of sexual perversion, of fornication, premarital sex, adultery, lesbianism, homosexuality, pedophiles, etc., just what to God are unforeseen abominations now in pandemic proportion is all that America thrive.  This is why Jesus looked at the disciples that day, and He explained, how GREATER LOVE hath no man than this, that a man would lay down His Life for a friend, TRUE LOVE is to deny oneself, you can’t find it, have it or thrive in it, unless you’re willing to put away oneself.
     Thus all the charity giving in the world, billions upon billions was never enough, could never, ever be enough  especially once Jesus took three fish and five loaves of bread and feed  the multitude because a pleased by Him God, gave the increase, God will not bless sin (the flesh), Therefore if any man come after this Christ Lord for to do like this Christ Lord, let him first deny himself, (DIE),pick up his cross (DIE) and then come. follow (DIE), ye must be born again. There’s only one name given under heaven by which mankind can be a Blessed Hope one to another and that Name is Christ Jesus the Lord. Awake O Sword Against My Anointed, Let My People Go! The Marriage Supper of the Lamb hath made Itself Ready, The Spirit and Bride Saith Come! JCON, Apb, The RAM,

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