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Angels, Lazarus and Abraham's Bosom,

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      Je suis (I Am), Jesus Christ, Praise you Heavenly Father, your grace be exalted throughout all the earth,  you amaze us and we lift up thy Holy Name that everything which hath breath shall praise you on high.  Praise Him on high ye mountain tops, rivers and lands and all  the inhabitants therein. Make a joyful noise unto this Prince Lord without ceasing, Bless His Holy Name, Amen


      -O Lord, thou hast searched me and known me, thou knowest mine downsitting and mine uprising, thou understandest my thoughts afar off. Thou compasseth my path and mine lying down and art acquainted with all my ways, for there is not a word in my tongue O Lord, but thou knowest it all together.  Thou hast beset me behind and before and hast laid thine hands upon me.
     -if I ascend into heaven thou art there, If I make my bed in hell behold thou art there, if I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost part of the sea, even there will thy hand lead me and thy right hand shall hold, if I say surely the darkness shall cover me, the light shall be about me, yeah darkness hideth not from thee, but darkness and light are both alike unto thee. See Psalm 139,

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 -Seen to seeing the rise of the anti-Christ, as so a play on, with a large meteor like rock when a voice declare: This is the anti-Christ (NWO, Elite, Wealth Of The Wicked), murderer, the compete destruction of King Nebuchadnezzar's Image of emerging nations by a stone cut out without hands falling from heaven on the map, Dan. 2:3-49 02/14/2015

-Seen To Be In A Dream were I receive text message, after text message, after many alike messages stating the same thing, “Jesus is coming, Jesus is on his way!” 02/19/2015

 He That Is Sin, Let Him Be Sin!                                                                                    03/18/2015

      Four of the most extraordinary dreams of prophecy ever given this end-time apostle were all regarding mass assembly and God displeasure to being heartily remorseful. I want to share them because Satan’s seat (false assembly) make certain God’s people see God with a single blurriness that God is love, which is true. He’s also judgment with the one Christ Lord most darling fore-warning how sinners will be cast into a lake burning with fire and brimstone. How unthinkably sad, even heartbreaking that most people who’ve died on this planet are in hell, I know most can’t see this. That a mass majority refuse to hear it, as so a large number will unfriend me, even Christ's Gospel Truth violently so, because it tells them this one truth. Only none of these bouts of delusions will make it any less so, the mass majority of God’s people are either in hell or hell bound.

     Amazingly one of the first of these prophecies happen late eighties while I was grooming myself in a mirror, I never considered it until now, but it is the Apostle Paul who described how we, mankind look through a mirror darkly, this is to mean the reflection is somewhat distorted. Miraculously the mirror itself took on a vision, I was soon shown the throne of God, that it plainly had its back turn to the church, (see mass assembly, choirs, tithes and offerings). I know this because just as soon I  heard a voice which declared and I quote, “God has turn His Back on the church.” Of course Present day said reflection and thus rebellion against God has matured into that of a body snatcher manner of Asian Invasion, as by a dream looking at myself in said mirror a month or so passed 2015, I was myself but did I have the look of a young Asian Male, (see Asian Invasion, 1996).

     The second forewarning in the form of a dream was to look upon a church that was burning and mighty with flames, I saw that the smoke of its burning rose up to God weeping and mourning. Just as soon I heard a voice declared, “behold it is the church, it has been cast down and literally destroyed, but the foundation haven’t been destroyed."  Again, "but the foundation haven't been destroyed, the one laid by Christ and His Holy Apostles, and this dream passed from me. You’re to be reminded Holy Scripture forewarn how everything worthless built upon Christ foundation will be tried by fire and every worthless work consumed therein, truly God is not mocked, corruption sown is that also reaped, beware!

     Now thirdly and even more prevailing, unlike the second demonstration this wasn’t a dream, I was kneeling in my closet of prayer. Doing this special time is where I’d become accustomed to Holy Spirit performing themselves extraordinarily, even transforming me when to realize there was nothing but silence. Nothing but a total and utter stillness that was in heaven, the Apostle John doing the Revelations of Jesus Christ, the end of the sixth seal, the beginning of the seventh seal describes a silence in heaven.  One he explained lasting about half an hour, this being such the surreal experience, God is longsuffering toward us, one is to realize, heaven is never silent. 

     Just as soon I began to hear weeping and wailing, I begin to realize God was crying, that He was weeping uncontrollably, realizing He was crying, I too begin to cry, I too began to weep uncontrollably. Then I soon I heard Him say, cry, “my people are dying and they’re being stripped of everything my Christ has brought them.” I never considered it, but this is a switch, instead of horrible cries going up to God, even the brazen alter, they were instead coming down from this Holy One of Israel, even His Own, again He lament, “my people are dying, dying and they’re being stripped of everything my Christ has brought them," then He resounded the solution, even the judgment, “behold I will strip their leaders.”

     Immediately I considered apostate spiritual leaders by the hundreds of thousands, millions through the earth, though this Supreme Holy one was referring to all persons. That’s people of all walks having any manner of leadership position over his very impressionable people. For an example, I glanced passed this talk show once, this talk show host and a celebrity guess affecting hundreds of thousands of people who I witness encouraging married women into adultery. It was as though a little unfaithfulness is good for the soul and thus the marriage, yeah if you want to wake up in hell for an eternity. We’re not born simply a death bed, this curse of death carry with it, within ones bloodline so there’s no blaming of others a penalty of judgment and hell. The woman seed, Jesus died to payoff this sin/blood debt but only as the original sin debt is forfeited by cursed man through true, heartfelt, soul penitence to God the Father, ONLY!!!!.

     Although this end time Apostle could go on and on with such the like experiences there is yet one other, one I’d seemingly stored away until a certain event brought it back to my remembrance.  Doing this blessed episode It was as though I was mingling about heaven, like doing a dinner party or such the like and an angel approached me and said “he want to see you and I said who? And he said, Him,” when just as soon I found myself before an illumination like in brightness of the sun which spoke to say “Let My People Go!” Ah my Christ whose about to reign on the earth, suddenly to be reminded of the Hebrews being delivered from Egyptian enslavement by a bloody Lamb and Moses’ staff, all of which foreshadowed Jesus Christ as the fulfillment of this law of righteousness having become as blood sacrifice, a deliverer to all who will believe.

     Thus what This Holy Lord was making reference to here was all in reference of Jesus being born under the law to redeem mankind all born under or enslaved to the law. Right here being reminded, it’s the woman I witnessed being bond hand and feet by other bond women, and crying my name for help. This was all behind this inconceivable manner of pulpit, preachers preaching and mass assembly, the Holy Spirit with me, did He declare how the wrestling, tussling, lamenting woman overall infirmity was her eyes, that something was wrong with eyes. Thus the reason Jesus spent most of his ministry worrying the wicked religious leaders with and by the very righteousness they falsely and violently regarded as life immortal life.

     Of course apostate and abominable they were nothing other than the regulations and formations of evil spirits and just as corrupt men, again a curse of death, damnation and hell posing as divine revelation (see the American Dream), this is how much trouble unrepentant people are continuously in. So much so all street outreach preaching Jesus saves, repent or perish need to be rerouted to where millions of people like the women in that dream are being held down, back and inside mass assembly. Unbearably this present day Egyptian system of Satanic to demonic oppression even possession. Come out of them my people and be not partakers of their sins, and receive not of their plague, this contagious, viral manner of ungodliness and perversion, the Spirit and the Bride say Come, Out!

     Let he that is unholy be unholy still, so say the revelations of Jesus Christ, even more frightening this very scripture is proof a time will come when God will halt as to abandon the seeming hopeless pursuit of convincing the rebellious to convert. That this end time Apostle believe such an hour couldn’t be more actual than those ticking toward biblical fulfillment at present, the ultimate act of this Holy Lord which will be to remove the righteous church bride off the planet as an entire. I’ll give you India for an example, right now it’s leaders has brought forth a plan and a campaign as concerning as it may seem, but they’re working toward a Christian free nation, again, that’s nation.

    They’re to ban all Christians from its lands and they are dangerously serious, now imagine God after warning them for so long actually assisting Indian leaders with this effort.  That He’s to all the more allow the persecution and the martyrdom of true Christianity all to by the Saints ultimate sacrifice bring them home to Christ Jesus bosom. Just as so to award the wicked with what it believe it must have, a pagan god, manner of apostate worship, most damaging and damning. This stark reality as an additional quote from Revelation laments “let he that is filthy (ungodly) be filthy still,” I’ve noticed what I will refer to as a changeover, not that people are dropping dead for ungodliness sake, but for the sake of godliness, that they’re to be strategically moved out of the way of the rebellious at heart, soul and carnal association most determined.

     Just consider Ananias and Sapphire, doing the Acts Of The Apostles they were a couple accused of lying to the Holy Spirit and were killed instantly for unrighteous sake. That right now, there are people who instead for the sake of their righteousness are being abruptly moved out of the way allowing a prevailing movement toward anti-Christ. Just think Ezekiel whom God forewarn was being sent to a people who wouldn’t listen, whose judgment had been set, wife was taken from him not that he or she had sinned but for his righteousness sake, that the nation they were to turn to God and rebelled were to suffer this heinous lost. The lesson supposedly learn? A  wrath of God so daunting there are righteous ministers which are being moved out of the way of the rebellious,  that as a punishment from God, they’re being taken from those whose sins are so incorrigible as to totally and utterly refuse, to the point of mockery, God’s ordain Christ, Jesus and thus God’s Will for mankind.

     Of course now you no longer have to wonder about people who were in seeming very fertile ministries and prophecies of Christ, preaching the gospel to the poor. As so healing the broken hearted, preaching deliverance to the captives and the recovering of sight to the blind and suddenly they’re gone, dead and there was no comprehensive reason, other than God’s sufficient Grace. Apparently, this is where the living word hath declared that such a one, a house having rejected the gospel, this good news, the laborer at kicking off this dusty rejection of his feet, isn’t to even award such the one Godspeed. Christ Cross redemption has been promised Eve’s lineage since the first fall and here it is thousands of years beyond its fulfillment and all the more by a rebellion most lethal (The American Dream), all the more the ant-Christ reign.

     It’s all to make you wonder just what did Paul mean when he declared, how a time hath come where God will no longer wink at man’s ignorance regarding righteousness, but commands all men everywhere to be saved. Repent! Knowing the prophet Ezekiel heart of trust and obedience it was the people of Judah described as being more at one with their sins than the leopard and its spots. Those who were to learn the greatest lesson here, how it would feel to lose the darling of your heart, mind and soul, of your passionate continuality. For the people of Judah, it was to lose the Holy Land, Israel, presently, for an entire free world of hundreds of millions at present it would be to lose America, even the American Dream. If this prevailing truth is so immensely apparent to this Apostle, just think how apparent it is to Holy Spirits, not the elite, but for so many the thought to be obsolete. 

     I will end this post regarding Jesus parable of Lazarus the poor man, righteous man, beggar no doubt thought by many the pathetic one, (read here Lk. 16:19-31). That verses the rich man, unrighteous man, celebrity, truly thought the wise one, even by many the elite, after the righteous beggar spend his days covered in sores, asking alms of the unrighteous rich man’s table, even the crumbs. This rich man instead spend his days doing what rich men do, building better, greater storehouses (Banks) the both of them died, the righteous beggar taken by angels to Abraham, the Patriarch Father of world nations, now ascended to glory, right into his safe, sweet bosom, paradise, Lazarus now the fulfillment of the woman’s seed as well ascended on high. The corrupt rich man, completely distracted of his riches, even convinced to a certain point that wealth justified his wicked heart, regardless of his wealth now in a peril unspeakable.

     Heartbreakingly, it’s no different than millions living particularly in the free world, with millions at an attempt and dreams thinking America, one of the world’s most proficient holocaust maker is somehow like Judah of Ezekiel’s day regardless of unthinkable abominations it always seem to find favor with God.  Of course no longer having wealth as this safeguard the rich man find himself in the worse manner of reality, of wakeup call ever to imagine, one millions annually like himself are unable to wake up from. Now the one asking alms, even that his tortuous soul be comforted, truly has the tables of life, even immortality like on a dime, turn, that once he realize this is his ill- gotten fate, the worship of gain for godliness. Now the one in desperate need he ask one thing of Abraham’s bosom, that his loved ones be forewarn, that someone be sent, as not to find themselves equally for an eternity cursed to hell.

     Supposed just as political, to military, to religious leaders justify speaking for America, here we have America herself, now like this rich man condemned, having nothing to lose. That she's telling you,  she is not what you think she is, a formation of Satan’s Seat, how she never has been. That she, a lying, murdering, whore is more a religious zealot living to die, than a Holy Potentate, dying to live.   Of course this sore confession is the overall, underlining purpose of the Grace of God, Cross of Jesus Christ, that none perish but all come to the saving knowledge of God’s Perfect Will for mankind, their own Sacrificial Cross by which to worship God, Jesus Christ. 
     That if especially the inherits of the free world don’t wake up and realize this truth a detriment and a doom await hundreds of millions of persons obscurely speeding head on toward this fiery abyss of no return.  Catapulting those who by the Holy Spirit have been brought to the regions of the damn, those knowing without a doubt such a place of inconceivable horrors lay in wait for the unrepentant. The soul that sin, that perish having never lost its heart to Jesus Christ, fallen mankind’s single blood redemption, this Jesus mankind crucified and God three days later rose again to life. That as we enter into His suffering, his death and dying, do we as well enter into His resurrection unto immortal Life, AWAKE, Beware, Apb, The RAM.,



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