Thursday, August 27, 2015

Confusion, Without A Righteous Head

Thus saith the Lord God, give to His Apostle and Try Him, His Riches and Glory give at to 

Envy, Jealousy, Strife, Confusion (to be without a righteous head, Jesus), and Every Evil Work

     -This mental illness as you say, has a name, Satan's Seat, with alias like America, The Free World, or simply Freedom Of Choice, Will. Elohim explained to Adam/Eve the moment they partook of the forbidden tree they would surely die because free will or not, they wouldn't be a match for the Great Serpent, Satan. 
     -This historic forewarning proved to be actual only seconds after Eve had only a mild conversation with this Great Evil, within that short time period all humankind was cursed unto a death penalty, ALL!. The moment people realize this, and the more the illegitimacy of this nation, this great abomination giving into abominations crumbles and unveil itself for the lying, murdering whore, the holocaust maker it truly is. 
     -Evidently the more people are going to be overcome by the sure madness of the simple reality ALL Have Sinned and Fallen Short Of The Glory of God. That except they repent, they, and all they survey, as all things on this planet perish with it having with one exception, the Authentic Blood Redeemer, Restorer, mankind's single hope of original mental health (help), Jesus. 
     -Thus and therefore renewing their hearts and mind back unto their Creator God He that labor otherwise labor themselves insane. Governor Pilate asked Jesus, what is truth? For all eternity past and future this is TRUTH, Ye Must Be Born Again! Handle with caution, for most driven to such madness (violence, sexual promiscuity, drugs and alcohol addition, even mass assembly) were all those who simply couldn't handle this Truth! AWAKE! Light Hath Come, JCON, Apb, The RAM,,

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