Sunday, August 23, 2015

And This Shall Be the End

Je suis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, "you're going to die, you might as well die for Christ," voice of the martyrs, "he that save (waiste) his life (Soul) shall lose it, he that lose his life (Soul) for My Sake, shall gain it forever more," JCON, Apb,

Prophecy Links

A Voice Declaring: "Mark 17 and 7, the fulfillment of all things on the map, 2003
A Voice Declaring: "Do they know, do their children know; that although they grew up in free territory, that although you, their parent grew up in free territory, that their children will grow up in occupied territory, in an occupied America? 2011

For The Time Is At Hand

     -If you guys haven't read Daniel the 5th chapter regarding the hand writing on the wall, which spelled King Nechadnezzar's Grandson, Belshazzar righteous judgment, doom and death it's very night by the Medes and Persians (see present day Iran, Iraq, Syria, The Middle East, Islam), then this end time Apostle admonishes you to.
    -This nation, and thus this world rule, westernize civilization received a similar judgment and proposed cataclysmic end December 25th 2001, (see, see also Rev. 17, 18th chapters). Remarkably, the only difference at present said judgment wouldn't be fulfilled for 190 months, 15.10 years, Oct. 2017.
-That after it's proposed fulfillment by a master-disaster it was followed by both a pale horse type judgment, as so an Islamic or Middle Eastern world rule. Need this Apostle/Prophet remind you? These are the same Holy Spirits who in 2003 predicted a Hussein White House, world rule, (see Barack Hussein Obama), with a two weeks and seven year duration.
     -Those still who the first of this year gave me dreams, visions and visitations to heaven regarding both the rock made without hands being released by the Bride as the Antichrist murderer, (See Dan. 2nd Chapter). All with the Heavenly Host writing, reassuring us and I quote "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way," (See I Thess, 4:15-18, I Cor. 15:51-58,) AWAKE! Beware, Apb, The RAM,

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