Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Hurt, The Blood, The Throne Of God

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Je suis (I Am, We Are) Jesus Christ, "you will hurt, you will bleed but soon you will be in paradise with Jesus," voice of the martyrs, parents teaching their children how to die in Christ Jesus...vow.com, Apb, www.lordurusalem.blogspot.com,

Truly An End As Prophesied Hath Come!

    -Now the world see, what I've been seeing come for the last nearly thirty years and have spent just as much time online forewarning them all about. So is this the cataclysmic phenomenon I witness happen to America, the Free World in it's entirety from Dec. 2001 to Oct 2017? No, what I instead witness happen, happen abruptly, in totality with millions dead and dying and Westernize Civilization was no more, on to Daniel's final weeks of years and the Antichrist reign, (see Daniel 9-12, Rev. 13, 14, to 17, 18th chapters). Apparently this was the Angel Gabriel's urgency toward us, His appearing to us, May 2005, see www.2015zechariaholivet.blogspot.com).
     -Now if it's to end US, as in us in only a few more months we're talking one of three things, a Yellowstone Super Volcano Disaster, a Master solar flare/EMP or an NEO/E.L.E. ah, lest I forget snatching the Church bride out (the jest of God's unmerited Grace), would be just as devastating to this planet. That's with not one apology from God, a silence in heaven unto many tears yes, as Elohim is longsuffering toward us not willing that any perish. Though it's simply Westernize Civilization like all evil formations and nations prior reaping the insurmountable blood guiltiness it has sown for as long as it has existed. Awake O Sword Against My Anointed, Let My People Go! The marriage Supper Of The Lamb, Hath Made Itself Ready! Repent, Apb, The RAM, www.theseventhangel15.blogspot.com

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